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Use Armored Cable Cutters

There are many gadgets that are used by the electricians and one of the most commonly used tool by them is cable cutter. There are various types of cables and thus there are different types of cable cutters available in the market. Armored cable cutter is very popular among the people as it can easily cut the armored cables within no time. These are available in various prices and colors, you can buy them according to your needs and preferences.

How to cut the armored cable using armored cable cutters?

  • Mark the cables properly – before cutting any cable,you should mark the cable properly. Measure the length carefully and then mark the accurate length with the marker. This will help you to cut the cable easily without any problem. Measuring the cutting length will also give you professional results even if you are a beginner in this field.
  • Tighten up the screw – after making a proper mark on the cable,put the cable in the given space of armored cutter. Align the mark with the blade of the cutter so that the cut is made accurately on the desired place. After placing the cable,tighten up the screw present in the cutter to get the cable effectively.
  • Twist and remove the armor – release the screw loose and take out the cable carefully. After taking out the cable,you can notice a clear cut on the armor of the cable. Push and twist the armor from the cable and you can see the wire easily